Starter Pack

Net Weight .250gms
Uses: to set up worm farm

Booster Pack

Net Weight .125gms
Uses: to top up worm

What’s in the Box

A colony of composting worms, consisting of baby, juvenile, egg laying adults and worm food for use in worm farms

Compost worms in boxes will vary in species, quantity and size depending on season growing location in Australia

The net weight of worms stated on boxes is the weight of worms when packed

Worms being used in worm farms must be kept in a cool and shady position at all times

Please take the usual precautions as you would when dealing with fertilizer related products

Our boxes have batch numbers please check with staff if you are unsure.

Types of worms in our boxes are a mixture of reds, blues and tigers, these are for use in a café worm farm

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Local Govt approved

For more information call 1300 555 539 or email [email protected]