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What can I put into my environmental waste manager


There are a few restrictions on what goes into an Environmental Waste Manager. The Golden Rule is that you can add anything organic that was once living.

Once your Waste Manager is fully operational it may contain a population of worms numbering up to 16,000 or 4 kg. This means that you can add between 2-4 kilos of waste per day. Worms can eat between half to their full weight in food each day. That number of worms will foster a micro-organism population of billions of millions.

These micros will quickly attack your waste additions, partially breaking them down. The worms only ingest the waste matter as it decays, and then excrete in aggregate form as Vermicast. Do not worry if food matter stays for a number of days. The only thing to watch out for is, if you put more food into your Waste Manager than the worms can cope with, it will become smelly and at that time the Waste Manager will attract pests and problems.

As a guide, add:

                 From the kitchen                                                                   from the garden


                 Vegetable peelings                                                                  Lawn Clippings

                 Over-ripe fruit                                                                           Weeds

                 Table scraps                                                                               Pruning (finely mulched)

                 Teabags and leaves                                                                  Leaves

                 Coffee Grounds                                                                         Pet Waste

                 Stale bread (finely broken up)                                             

                 Egg Shells (best crushed)

Cold charcoal or ash can be added, as it is beneficial. The worms will love it because of the roughage of a little charcoal helps them grind cellulose. Some soil, which may be around the roots of the weeds, is good for the worms.


What should I not put into my environmental waste manager.


Never add chemicals of any sort, not super phosphate or any other prepared fertilizers.

No excess of citrus fruit, onion scraps or red pepper etc (perhaps in moderation if finely chopped and mixed well with other food. Eg. grass clippings).

Avoid ripened weed seeds, also meat and bones as they may encourage flies.

For further information on operating your Garden Oz, Environmental Waste Manager or Worm Management and Supply, contact Worm Affair on 1300 555 539.